10x Your Motivation With This Simple Exercise (One Minute Motivation Hack)

Right now, you’re going to learn a simple, yet powerful exercise that will allow you to create a vision of the future so compelling it will drastically increase your level motivation.

Imagine yourself a year from now. See yourself in the future having accomplished your most ambitious goals. See yourself with whatever it is you want in your life, success, happiness, new relationships. Get specific, see your book as a New York Times best-seller, see yourself giving a Ted Talk, see your business winning a prestigious award – whatever it is you want most – see it in vivid detail. Feel it in your body, feel the energy and the emotion that this future success gives you. See yourself working hard, whether on the computer or in the gym, and see yourself truly enjoying doing so.

Take a few minutes to imagine the future you want to create, the more specific you get, the better.

This exercise, called visualization, is something that many highly successful people (Connor McGregor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carey, Michael Phelps) have used to change their lives. It’s powerful because it makes the future that you want palpable. The more you think about the benefits of making a positive change, the more you will associate positive emotions with taking action – this will draw you towards achieving your goals like a magnet.

Don’t just use this exercise once, make it a practice that you use at least a couple times per week. Set a reminder on your calendar so you don’t forget. It takes no longer than ten minutes, but the benefits can potentially transform your future.


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